How to install Intune on iPhones/iPads

If you get an error while trying to enroll your device in Intune you can Chat With Support.


Before or after enrolling, you may be asked to choose a category that best describes how you use your device. Your IT administrator uses this category to help determine what apps you have access to.

  1. Install the free Microsoft Intune Company Portal app on your device from the App Store.
  2. Open the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app.
  3. On the Company Portal Welcome screen, tap Sign in, and then sign in with your work or school account.

  1. If your IT administrator set up company terms and conditions, tap Accept to accept the terms.
  2. On the Company Access Setup page, tap Begin.

  1. Read about what you’ll be able to do when you enroll your device, and then tap Continue.

  1. See the list of what your IT administrator can and can’t see on your enrolled device, and tap Continue.

  1. Review some of the things that you might see once you tap Enroll. When you finish reading, tap Enroll.

  1. On the Install Profile screen, tap Install, and enter your passcode, if prompted.

  1. Tap Install

  1. Tap Install to indicate that you’ve read the warning.

  1. Tap Trust

  1. When the screen changes to show that the profile has finished installing, tap Done. An “Enrolling device” message displays on the screen.

  1. When a message displays asking if you want to open the page in the Company Portal, tap Open.

  1. On the Company Access Setup screen, tap Continue. If your IT administrator set up additional security requirements, such as the need to set a password, follow the on-screen instructions until you meet all of the compliance requirements, and then tap Continue when you are returned to the Company Access Setup screen.

  1. Tap Done.

Your device is now enrolled in Intune, and you are taken back to the Company Portal app.

Watch the video to show you how…

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