Storing and sharing

One of the key factors behind the success of Microsoft 365 is its use of cloud technology. This gives businesses easy and effective ways to store data, collaborate and communicate.

Each Microsoft 365 subscription includes 1tb of cloud storage to back up your files and enable you to access them anywhere. Plus, there’s functionality such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to improve data sharing and communications with your team and clients.

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OneDrive cloud storage

Microsoft’s cloud storage service is called “OneDrive”. Once installed, this will automatically save a copy of all your data to the cloud, which you can then access from any device.

OneDrive gives you the ability to work flexibly and productively, safe in the knowledge that your files are always backed up, always up to date and always protected.

File sharing and collaboration

SharePoint and OneDrive support file versioning and the ability to co-author Word and Excel files. This means that you will no longer get messages telling you that you can’t access files because they are being used by another person. And, if someone changes a file accidentally, you can look back through the versions and reset the master back to an older version.

With OneDrive and SharePoint you can collaborate with internal users and also external users, allowing them all to edit the same document, through a secure link.

Communications through Teams

Image courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft Teams provides a huge array of online meeting and collaboration tools. It makes internal and external meetings simple to organise and run. Features such as break out rooms give you great flexibility for bigger groups or workshops. The option to include live transcription of Teams meetings enhances accessibility and enables latecomers to catch up on what they’ve missed.

On a larger scale, Teams can be used to organise webinars for thousands of attendees. Working together with the enhanced functionality of PowerPoint Live, you can create professional and engaging events for internal audiences, prospects or clients.

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