Microsoft Teams Webinars

Share your message easily and effectively

The webinar functionality in Microsoft Teams enables you to organise webinars for up to 10,000 participants.

Expand your communication with your teams and clients

Webinars are an excellent way to share your message with a large number of people anywhere in the world.

These interactive, online broadcasts are increasingly used to share important information within businesses, engage with prospective purchasers or provide support services to existing clients.

A Microsoft Teams webinar can be tailored to your needs; whether you want to communicate through a simple presentation, or conduct a more interactive session.

Registration functionality

If you use Microsoft Teams then you already have its webinar functionality at your fingertips.

The Teams webinar utility provides you with a customisable registration process. You can register up to 1,000 attendees for a fully interactive webinar, or up to 10,000 for a view-only experience.

Your webinar can include multiple presenters. Attendees can be limited to people within your organisation; you can have as much or as little control over your webinar attendees as you wish.

Delivering your Teams webinar

When it comes to delivering your webinar, you have a suite of services within Teams to assist you.

You can use the standard Teams presentation option (“Presenter View”), or the enhanced functionality of PowerPoint Live. This organises your screen so you can see your notes, audience, upcoming slides and chat panel, all in one view. Coming soon is Presenter Mode – with enhanced customisation.

The chat window can be used to encourage interaction, particularly helpful if you choose to mute attendees for some or all of the webinar. Chat can also be employed to create polls or surveys to launch during your webinar and seek real-time feedback.

The usual Teams reactions are available, allowing attendees to share emojis on screen or raise their virtual hand to get your attention.

Following up after your event

Once you’ve completed your event, you want to make the most of all the contacts you’ve made, particularly if it was an external webinar for prospects or clients.

The Teams webinar function allows you to produce an attendees report, so you can feed this into your CRM application to manage your post-event follow up activity. If you use Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 marketing capability, your attendee information can feed directly into this, providing further opportunities to build engagement and increase conversion.

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