Web Application Development and Databases

Frustrated that your database doesn’t perform as required? Build a better one.

What we do for you

Bespoke databases sound complicated, technical and confusing. And complicated means expensive. Not anymore. We specialise in creating custom databases for small businesses. And we know that small businesses want affordable solutions that save time and money. That’s our aim every time we create a system. Custom databases will save you man hours, streamline common processes and give you an edge over the competition.


There are many reasons you may need a bespoke database: customer relations, historic records, staff management, statistical analysis, calculations, report writing, the list goes on. There are equally as many options available for creating a database and the choice of technology will depend on the way in which your system will be used. Whether we use Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, SQL, C#, PHP & Javascript, MySQL or Microsoft Azure. We’ll ensure we are using the right technology for your unique needs.

Our Approach to Building a Database

1. Investigation

Your journey begins with an insightful discussion about your business, your goals, and the best way we can help you to achieve those. This is a no obligation meeting to see if we’re right for your project.

2. Proposal

Once an investigation has been carried out we will put together a comprehensive proposal of how we would approach your project, including a detailed analysis of costs and time frames. We never recommend a bespoke system if an off-the-shelf package would be cheaper and more beneficial.

3. Design

Your database will then enter the design phase where we focus on creating beautiful interfaces and smart functionality. For certain web projects we will enlist the help of outside design expertise.

4. Development

Your project is developed to your needs. We can build robust custom platforms depending upon the nature of your requirements.

5. Launch

Your database will be thoroughly tested before launch. Once live, our exceptional after-care service looks after your support queries and can extend to analytics

What Next?

If you’re unsure whether your business would benefit from a bespoke database please call in for a chat about your current set up and we can advise on whether we might be able to help. If you are sold on the positive impact a tailored database system can create… or message us to arrange a no obligation meeting.