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Web Application Database Development

Our Approach

We are experts in creating customised web-based databases for small businesses. We know that small businesses want affordable solutions that will give them the edge over their competitors.  Cutting edge web design, secure data and a bespoke database engine.

Project Management

We take the time to understand fully your business needs and your aspirations. Whatever you are looking for: a customer retail system, a data management system or even an historical record archive, we have the design capabilities.

An initial no obligation discussion will allow us to set out your vision in practical terms. Once you have decided to come on board, we will develop your ideas, write a full proposal including all costs and a give you a practical time frame. We will keep you fully informed, every step of the way.

The Design Phase

This is where we focus on creating beautiful interfaces and smart functionality. A well designed database is at the centre of every web application. We ensure that we are using the right technology for your unique needs including SQL, PHP & Javascript, MySQL or Microsoft Azure.

Development and Testing

As your project takes shape, adaptations and updates are incorporated and a stringent testing process takes place including security audits, load testing, speed and functionality. This means that when you are ready to go live, there are no technical hitches and you can launch your new website application in full confidence.

Project Launch

Once your project is live, our dedicated after-sales care can extend our service working with you to map out your analytics so you can see an instant company snapshot or trends.


Let's have a chat

Your journey begins with an insightful discussion about your business, your goals, and the best way we can help you to achieve those. This is a no obligation meeting to see if we’re right for your project.


Let's formulate that for you

Once an investigation has been carried out we will put together a comprehensive proposal of how we would approach your project, including a detailed analysis of costs and time frames. We never recommend a bespoke system if an off-the-shelf package would be cheaper and more beneficial.


Let's make it look the business

Your database will then enter the design phase where we focus on creating beautiful interfaces and smart functionality. For certain web projects we will enlist the help of outside design expertise.


Let's tailor your project to meet your business needs

Your project is developed to your needs. We can build robust custom platforms depending upon the nature of your requirements.