Managed IT support

Relax in the knowledge that any technology issues will be dealt with quickly and effectively thanks to our Managed IT support.

Our team will become an integral part of your organisation, understanding your support requirements and tailoring our services to your needs.

Meaning that you and your people can work more productively and without the stress of unsupported technology.

Prevention is better than cure

Our ethos is to implement robust, reliable IT systems, to maximise your productivity and minimise the need for support requests.

This looks different for each of the organisations we support. Our solutions always consider your wider organisational structure and objectives. We work in partnership with you to agree and implement a bespoke IT strategy that meets your unique needs.

And, thanks to our proactive system monitoring and approachable support team, you will have technology you can trust with assistance available whenever you need it.

Amanda Redman Amanda Redman Financial Planning
I am certainly happy to recommend Heliocentrix to any business that wants an expert and proactive IT service to ensure they can operate normally at all times.

Understanding your needs

Many of the organisations we work with have very specific requirements, particularly in relation to security and compliance.

We have extensive experience in providing secure systems for organisations processing highly sensitive data or with vulnerable users. Our services include supporting you to meet any regulatory requirements or accreditations, including GDPR, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials.

You will work with a dedicated team who ensure that our services are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Plus, you’ll have access to specialist engineers from across our team, ensuring that you receive expert support whenever you need it.

Your questions answered

What type of IT systems can you support?

We are experienced in supporting a wide range of different infrastructures and software. The best way to find out whether we can support your systems is to give us a call on 01732 600 170.

Is Managed IT expensive?

Our charges will depend on the size and requirements of your organisation. One of the key benefits of our Managed IT service is that you know you will receive seamless support for a set cost, giving you greater control over your IT budget.

Will it be easy to switch from our current provider?

We’re very happy to work with your existing IT support provider to ensure a smooth transition. We’ll also help you to manage any communications to your team during the handover process.

What sort of organisations do you support?

We work with businesses of all sorts and sizes, from one man bands to large, multi-site corporations.

We also specialise in providing IT services for the education sector, charities and local authorities.

Do you offer other support options?

Yes, we also offer pay as you go support. While this doesn’t incorporate the more holistic approach of our Managed IT services, it can be an economical way to fix one-off problems or implement new systems.

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