Bespoke software development

Custom software development to ensure a perfect fit between your business and your systems.

Invest in an application which is designed to perfectly fit your organisations’ needs today and tomorrow.

Tailored to your needs

The key benefit of a bespoke application is how it integrates with your business processes in exactly the way you need it to.

It’s an ideal approach for organisations which have necessarily unique and complex processes, which you don’t want to adapt to suit an ‘out of the box’ software package.

And the beauty of developing your own made-to-measure app is that it can continue to evolve alongside your business, ensuring that it’s always fit for purpose.

Of course, a custom solution isn’t the right answer for every business. Our experts will discuss the options with you, to discover the best route for your organisation.

Customer and case management systems

CRM systems and case management systems are two of the most common areas for bespoke software development. A purpose built system will help you develop stronger customer relationships and enhance your ability to deliver your services.

The result is a more productive workflow, increased customer retention and more effective sales processes.

Creating a custom application gives you the ability to streamline it with existing systems and processes, increasing your opportunity for more effective and efficient relationship and case management.

No end of opportunities

The beauty of custom software is that it can be developed to serve whatever requirements you have.

Our previous developments have included payroll services, asbestos surveys, academic archives, training systems and automated financial reporting.

When you work with us we’ll carefully assess your needs and your wider business strategy to design bespoke software that is the perfect fit for your organisation. We’ll manage the project from start to finish and ensure that you get every possible benefit from your new system.

Your questions answered

Is bespoke or off the shelf right for my organisation?

This depends on the needs of your organisation, and whether they can be effectively met by an off-the-shelf solution. Often businesses use a combination of bespoke software (to meet very specific or complex requirements) and off-the-shelf apps (where their needs are more generic). Contact us for expert advice on which approach would best suit your organisation’s requirements.

How expensive is bespoke software?

This can vary hugely depending on your requirements. Certainly, the upfront cost of made-to-measure software will be higher than purchasing an off-the-shelf application.

However, the benefits can also be much greater, making it a sound investment for many businesses.

And, while the upfront costs will be higher, longer term the cost of maintaining and developing your bespoke systems will be more comparable to off-the-shelf software.

What happens when our needs change?

One of the key benefits of bespoke software is its ability to be scaled and adapted to evolve alongside your business.

The long-term planning incorporated into the initial development of your application will anticipate and account for the likely ways your business will grow.

When the unexpected happens, such as a regulatory change or decision to move into a new market, the flexibility of custom software means that it can change to meet your new needs, quickly and with minimal disruption to your teams.

What type of applications has Heliocentrix developed?

We work in a wide range of sectors, developing software to manage all sorts of processes. Some examples include:

How we work

Our flexible approach makes it easy to find the right support for your organisation.

Managed IT

For organisations that need an IT support partner to help them achieve their immediate and long-term ambitions.

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Pay As You Go

For businesses that need one-off system implementations or problems fixed.

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