Charities and other not-for-profits are under constant pressure to provide high quality, secure digital services. Yet they are under equal pressure to spend minimal funds on infrastructure projects and operational support. 

Finding a professional IT service to help balance this equation is essential. Successful charities use tailored IT solutions to provide high standards of service for their teams, stakeholders and donors, while minimising operating costs. 

IT that makes a difference

Reliable and efficient IT services are as critical to charities as they are to any other type of organisation. But, for many not-for-profits, there are additional demands, such as stringent security requirements, a scattered workforce and a heightened need for cost management. 

We partner with charities to take a strategic view of their IT needs, supporting their long term aims and making a real difference to their day-to-day activities. Our recommendations demonstrate the value of improved technology, justifying the spend in both financial and operational terms. 

Our friendly team of engineers will train and support your people, helping them to get the most from their IT systems. 

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Quality solutions

World-leading systems supported by a professional team will harness the highest standard of technology for your charity.

Strategic thinking

Your choice of IT systems and providers should focus on your needs today and tomorrow, supporting you to achieve your long-term goals.

Robust security

Data security, donation security and disaster recovery planning are crucial for all charities. We provide solid IT security and backup systems, supported by cyber awareness training.

Cost control

We will find the right services at the right price, demonstrate the value they bring and ensure you take advantage of all the reduced rates you qualify for.


With proven, dependable and well-maintained systems you will see an increase in productivity and a reduction in support tickets raised.


IT services tailored to your needs will improve the experience of everyone involved in your charity; your team, stakeholders, donors and fundraisers.

Your questions answered

What’s the first step? 

The first thing we do is to find out about your charity and your requirements. Initially this will be a phone call or video chat to discuss your current situation and the improvements you’re seeking.

We’ll then carry out a more detailed fact finding process, enabling us to recommend a bespoke solution to suit your current requirements and longer term objectives.

What types of charities do you support? 

We work with not-for-profit organisations of all shapes and sizes, and also support companies who work with charities.

For example, you can read about how we support the charity Spadework and our work with StC Payroll Giving in Whitstable, who provide payroll donation services to charities.

Can we get subsidised software licenses?

Many applications, including Microsoft 365, offer reduced costs or grants to not-for-profit organisations. The qualifications required vary between services, but often need you to be a registered charity. Get in touch to chat to our team about the subsidies that you could take advantage of.

What IT support do you offer? 

We provide support in two ways:

Our Managed IT support services include phone, video and on-site support. Depending on your requirements, this might include one of our team being permanently located at your premises, or we could provide additional support and training to your in-house IT team.

If your charity isn’t ready for a managed support agreement, our Pay As You Go support is the answer. There’s no commitment, you simply pay for the support you need when you need it.

Can you support existing systems? 

Yes, we can support most existing IT infrastructures. Our services are bespoke to your needs, so we’ll explore what you have and recommend the best support solution for your needs.

How we work

Our flexible approach makes it easy to find the right support for your organisation.

Managed IT

For organisations that need an IT support partner to help them achieve their immediate and long-term ambitions.

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Pay As You Go

For businesses that need one-off system implementations or problems fixed.

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