IT security risks come in many forms. Inadequate protection, out of date software and human error are common culprits. They leave you open to data breaches, financial losses or ransom attacks.

Our IT security services cover all aspects of protecting your business. From installing the right defences to ensuring that your people are cyber-risk aware.

IT & cyber security

Implementing and maintaining the right technical infrastructure is the first step in protecting your organisation.

We can help you achieve this through:

  • Consultancy services to find the right solution for your business.
  • Implementation and maintenance of security systems.
  • Support to achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation.
  • Customisation of Microsoft 365 to get the most from its security features.
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Cyber awareness training

The aim of our cyber awareness training is to make your people your first line of defence against cyberattacks.

Through in-person or online training they will learn:

  • How to spot potential security risks.
  • What to do if they identify a cyberattack.
  • What behaviours could make them vulnerable to security threats.
  • The latest cyber threats in circulation.
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Gary Hobden Burfields House Wealth Management
The recent achievement of our Cyber Essentials award, which is an important way to demonstrate how seriously we take data security, would have been much more difficult without Heliocentrix.
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Your questions answered

What cybersecurity issues do businesses face?

Some of the most common threats include:

  • Phishing emails (encouraging the recipient to reveal personal or company data).
  • Malware (malicious programs downloaded from an email or website).
  • Unauthorised system access (often due to stolen access information/devices or using overly simplistic passwords).
  • Social engineering (persuading an employee to breach security).
  • Use of personal devices (such as mobile phones or USB sticks which don’t have the appropriate security software installed).
  • Human error (such as emailing data to the wrong person).

Our IT security services can help you to prevent, identify and deal with all these common threats.

We already have a security breach – can you help?

Hopefully, yes. Call us immediately on 01732 600 170, explain what has happened and we’ll do our best to help you.

How we work

Our flexible approach makes it easy to find the right support for your organisation.

Managed IT

For organisations that need an IT support partner to help them achieve their immediate and long-term ambitions.

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Pay As You Go

For businesses that need one-off system implementations or problems fixed.

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Get an expert review

Arrange a 15 minute call with an expert to review your IT set up and find ways to make your IT better.
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