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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I switch to your telecoms system, can I keep my number?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I have to sign up to all the packages?

A. No.  You can use as much of our services and products as you need.

Q.  How disruptive will it be to move to Windows 365?

A. Hardly at all. You are probably already using the MS packages so we can support you so that it is a trouble-free transition.

Q. What are the benefits of an IT Managed Service?

A. A seamless service and no hidden costs are the main benefit – we can maintain all your computers and devices, set up new equipment including routers, as well as an IT professional always on hand to help. Back-up services, anti-virus, telecoms systems and Office 365 can be included into your bespoke package. Never again will your business lose revenue through an IT issue and problem.

Q. What size businesses can you support?

A. At Heliocentrix, we can help whatever your business size – from a lone worker, a small start-up, all the way up to a medium sized business with a 100+ headcount.

Q. Help! I don’t know what I need, can you help?

A. Of course. A consultative approach is always the best way to ensure that your business has the best IT systems in place. We would always be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

Q. My office is re-locating, can you help us?

A. Yes, talk to us and we can ensure that all your IT services are moved without any issue or worry.

A trusted IT support provider is a critical business decision.

Ask us for more details and we would always be happy to help you in your business

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