Bespoke software solutions

Bespoke software solutions – how do you know if one is right for you?

Are cumbersome tasks that take you and your team too long to complete costing you money? Do they lose you hours of productivity or possibly even clients? Are you struggling to find a system that could automate these processes?

If you have these challenges, then you might want to consider a bespoke software solution.

What is a bespoke solution?

Choosing to build a bespoke software solution means that you can design a program around your business needs rather than shoehorning your processes into a system that isn’t quite right.

A new software solution could be anything from a case management system, a CRM solution, or a billing system to a data capture application for use off site.

Bespoke applications are usually web-based so they work in your browser and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. They can also be built to work on mobile and tablet devices.

A bespoke solution can have huge benefits:

  • It is built around your own business processes
  • It can save you time on manual and inefficient tasks
  • It can save you money on licences
  • It allows you to control the user journey which reduces training needs
  • It is customisable and gives you infinite flexibility
  • It allows you to keep up with the latest technology
  • It ensures total control over data usage

Is your business ready?

Your organisation has identified a business challenge that is costing you too much time or money and needs a solution. It is likely a process driven task that an otherwise skilled worker would be carrying out. Your business needs to overcome this challenge in order to grow.

You know that the answer lies in technology.

However, selecting the right technology solution for your company is not easy. Not only are there often too many ‘standard’ products to choose between, but none of them fully satisfy your requirements and you probably want a few features from each.

Does that sound like your business?

Calculating the costs

When considering designing software from scratch, often business owners see the upfront cost as too high to invest, and don’t consider that over the longer term, the overall costs to the company can be, and most of the time will be, lower.

When working with a standard software package, it is likely that it won’t do exactly what your business needs it to do. This could mean finding lengthy work arounds which in turn could lose revenue for a business, or it could mean spending time and money on customisation. And adjusting a standard system is not without its own technical challenges.

The big outlay with a new software solution is the cost of development. However, with rising employment costs, as well as the significant expenditure required for off-the-shelf systems, this outgoing is becoming fully justifiable. A new system could be in the region of £20-30k to develop. However, with licence fees for CRMs for example, you could be looking at recouping your development costs in less than two years. You can also choose to finance your development costs, spreading your budget over three or more years.

So, you need a bespoke system… What’s next?

If your business is being held back by clunky processes and you need a system that can help accelerate your growth, then you are ready to develop a software solution that works for you.

Speak to the team at Heliocentrix to find out if it is the right move for you.

We believe that complex problems often have simple solutions. Our UK-based team will walk you through every step of the process of building a bespoke system – to ensure your business requirements are met today, and tomorrow.

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