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Microsoft Teams Premium Now Available with AI-Powered Features

Microsoft has recently launched Microsoft Teams Premium, an advanced version of its popular workplace app. The new licence gives access to a host of new features and incorporates the power of OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT.

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Microsoft Viva – an introduction

We explore what Microsoft Viva is and how it could benefit your organisation.

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Windows 365

Discover how Windows 365 could transform your organisation’s ability to work productively in a hybrid world.

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Windows 11 – your questions answered

Windows 11 is due to launch on the 5th October 2021. We look at what to expect and how you can upgrade to this new operating system.

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Webinars coming to Microsoft Teams

Webinars are coming to Microsoft Teams during April and May 2021

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Samsung Cloud services to cease

From the 1st April in the UK, the ability to store and backup photos and documents to Samsung Cloud will cease. Read more about this change and what to do if it affects you.

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Security update required for iPhones and iPads

This week Apple have announced an important security update for iOS and iPadOS 14. This is to fix some security vulnerabilities found in their operating system.  Whereas some vulnerabilities are essentially theories that someone could exploit the vulnerability, these, apple say that these have been actively exploited.  Ultimately this means your phone is at risk […]

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Microsoft Teams Custom Backgrounds

Microsoft Teams adoption has grown dramatically over the last few months with more and more people working from home. It has meant that Microsoft have released more features and custom backgrounds is something people have been waiting for.

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The latest Microsoft Feature update is here 1909

The naming structure has been along the lines of 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909.  When these updates were installed you would have found that your computer often took a lot longer to restart while the update was applying. The good news with this update is that isn’t the case this time.  Microsoft has made this update […]

Company news

New legislation notice from Ofcom

On 1st July 2019, new switching regulations were introduced by Ofcom, and we want to ensure you are fully informed when it comes to requesting switching information from us. You can also request a PAC or STAC code via text, your online account or by phone.  We’re always sorry when our customers are thinking of leaving […]

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Heliocentrix reviews the NCA Cyber Threat to UK Business Report

The publishing of the Cyber Threat to UK Business Report 2017/18, the new GDPR regulations and the ongoing scandal of Facebook condoning the harvesting of private data means that data security is first page news. We are going to examine some key points of the report in real terms to SMEs. If you think that […]

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The War on Malware

What you need to know about the malware threat In Quarter 3 in 2017, the biggest number of the quarter was the count of new malware, which reached an all-time high of 57.6 million new samples, an increase of 10% from quarter 2. Source: McAfee. In May 2017 the NHS was attacked by the WannaCry […]

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