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How to manage employees who cause cybersecurity issues

We explore how to mitigate the risk of employees causing cybersecurity incidents and how to manage any which do occur.


How to protect your business from ransomware

An estimated 304.7 million ransomware attacks occurred in the first half of 2021. We look at what you can do to prevent an attack and protect your business.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday scams and how to avoid them

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, we look at how scammers will take advantage of the shopping frenzy.


New Mobile Scam Alert for Android Devices

Vodafone has been made aware of a Flubot SMS scam and are advising customers to be especially vigilant with this piece of malware and to always be very careful about clicking on any links received in an SMS.

Industry news

Security update required for iPhones and iPads

This week Apple have announced an important security update for iOS and iPadOS 14. This is to fix some security vulnerabilities found in their operating system.  Whereas some vulnerabilities are essentially theories that someone could exploit the vulnerability, these, apple say that these have been actively exploited.  Ultimately this means your phone is at risk […]

Company news

Heliocentrix achieve cyber essentials recertification

Heliocentrix achieve recertification in the National Cyber Security Centres “Cyber Essentials” scheme.


Three ways to secure your Office 365

Office 365 is great because it is in the cloud and is available everywhere.  Office 365 is vulnerable… because it is in the cloud and is available everywhere! Under GDPR regulations business owners have a responsibility to protect their clients and staff data.  It would be great if this were just a one-off exercise that […]


Cryptocurrencies: Is it Pay Day for Cybercrime?

Dr Mike McGuire, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey, teamed up with a virtualisation tech company, Bromium, and produced ‘Into the Web of Profit’ – a research study investigating the socio-economic and spending differences among cybercriminals. The headlines read like the script of a B list Hollywood movie with 15% of cybercriminals spending […]

Industry news

Heliocentrix reviews the NCA Cyber Threat to UK Business Report

The publishing of the Cyber Threat to UK Business Report 2017/18, the new GDPR regulations and the ongoing scandal of Facebook condoning the harvesting of private data means that data security is first page news. We are going to examine some key points of the report in real terms to SMEs. If you think that […]

Industry news

The War on Malware

What you need to know about the malware threat In Quarter 3 in 2017, the biggest number of the quarter was the count of new malware, which reached an all-time high of 57.6 million new samples, an increase of 10% from quarter 2. Source: McAfee. In May 2017 the NHS was attacked by the WannaCry […]

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