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Delivering essential IT support to Maidstone businesses

Every business needs IT services they can trust.

We will help you to harness the power of IT to enable your Maidstone business to run smoothly and productively.

Our services, offered in Maidstone and throughout the south east, include:

Helping you select the right IT services
Ensuring that you get the most out of your technology
Providing day-to-day support, to keep everything running smoothly

Get the right IT support for your business

Our range of services

IT maintenance and support

We will ensure that your IT hardware and software is always up to date and provide any troubleshooting assistance you need.

IT maintenance and support

Office 365

Installation and support of Office 365 (now branded as Microsoft 365), including email. Plus, support for all standard Microsoft operating systems.

Office 365

Adobe Creative Cloud

We can license, install and support your Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications.

Adobe Creative Cloud


Support and fixes for existing networks and the installation of new ones, including routers and switches.

Remote working services

Providing IT solutions to enable your team to be as productive working from home as they are in your Maidstone office.

Remote working services

IT security

Assistance to deal with in-progress cyberattacks and implement measures to prevent future ones, including antivirus and antispam.

Cyber Awareness training

Ensuring that your team understand IT security risks and know how to minimise them. Training can be done at your Maidstone location or remotely.

Cyber awareness training

Cloud backup services

A robust backup and disaster recovery service will ensure that, should a problem occur at your Maidstone office, all your data remains safe and secure.

Cloud backup services

Web application database development

We design and deliver bespoke web application database developments, for example to deal with complex retail or data management requirements.

Web application database development

VOIP phone systems

VOIP technology from 3CX, providing Maidstone organisations with a simple and effective solution for voice and video communications.

VOIP phone systems

IT support options

You can opt to “pay as you go” for our IT support (for example to fix specific issues). Or establish a longer-term partnership with us, so we can improve and maintain your IT services.

System installations

Our experts will efficiently install and set-up any new technologies. This includes providing training for your team, either remotely or at your Maidstone office.

Proactive monitoring

24/7 automated monitoring, of your servers and desktops, detects any issues and helps us deal with them effectively, reducing the risk of downtime.

IT helpline

Our friendly team is on hand to help, providing expert, jargon-free advice and fixes over the phone or a video call.

On-site support

When you need on-site expertise a member of our team will come to your Maidstone location to assist.

Making IT simple for Maidstone businesses

Small to medium sized businesses in Maidstone and the surrounding area benefit from our experience and expertise in IT solutions. This includes specialist support for Maidstone schools, colleges and charities.

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What sort of businesses need IT support?

Maidstone businesses of all sizes can benefit from expert IT support. Whether it is to keep a sole trader’s single PC working, so they can access emails, or to manage multiple sites and home working for larger organisations, we have the solution to fit.

Do you provide support for schools?

Yes, our specialist education services can support schools and colleges in and around Maidstone. This includes major infrastructure projects, installing new classroom technology and managing server rooms. We provide technical support and training for each system and member of staff.

How do I know what IT services I need?

This can be a very difficult question for Maidstone organisations, as there is so much choice available. We will help you navigate the many options to find the right mix of services to suit your requirements.

How does Office 365 help businesses?

The “cloud” based approach of Office 365 (or Microsoft 365 as it is now called) can be of great benefit to Maidstone businesses. It makes your applications and files available anywhere, to any device, so long as you have an internet connection. This flexibility is particularly useful for businesses who have home workers, people “on the road” and staff moving between offices.

I’m re-locating my Maidstone office; how do I move my IT services?

We can help you to, firstly, assess the infrastructure at your new office to make sure that it will serve your IT needs. We can implement any upgrades required, ideally before you move. We will then support your switch to the new location by moving and reinstalling your hardware, and being on hand when your team starts working in the new office.

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