Scribe: Using AI to create process documentation

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency is key. Scribe, a cutting-edge tool designed to streamline the creation of process documentation, is making waves in the industry. With over 1,00,000 users[1], it’s clear that Scribe is a solution that many teams are turning to. Here’s why:

Visual Step-by-Step Guides

Scribe’s primary function is to turn any process into a visual step-by-step guide, instantly. Whether you’re onboarding new hires, creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), building training documents, or assisting customers, Scribe’s automated guide creation can save you time and keep your team focused.

Here is an example of a Scribe showing you how to set up automatic replies in Outlook. Click “Get Started” to see how it works.

How Scribe Works

  1. Capture Any Process: With the Scribe extension, you can go through your process like normal, and a step-by-step guide will be automatically created.
  2. Easily Customise: Add text, edit screenshots, redact sensitive information, and add your company’s branding to make the guide fit your needs.
  3. Share with One Click: Share your guides with teammates or clients via link, embed them in company wikis, or export them to PDF.

Features that Make Scribe Thrive

  • Web & Desktop Process Capture: Automatically create how-to guides for any web or desktop-based process.
  • Automatic Step Instructions: No more manual typing; Scribe writes how-to guides for you.
  • AI-Generated Process Documents: Utilise AI to generate SOPs, training manuals, and process overviews.
  • Sensitive Data Redaction: Stay compliant by automatically redacting sensitive data from screenshots.
  • Custom Branding: Add your company logo and colours to create professional-looking guides.

The Impact of Scribe

  • Save Time: Create process documentation 15x faster1.
  • Get Answers Faster: Find answers to your questions 67% faster1.
  • Increase Productivity: Boost your team’s productivity by 25%1.

Scribe’s users rave about its ability to simplify the creation of guides and tutorials with very little effort. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer that’s helping teams save hours of work every week.


Scribe is more than just a tool; it’s a solution to a problem that’s as old as time. By automating the creation of visual step-by-step guides, it’s helping businesses streamline their processes, increase efficiency, and stay focused on what matters most. Whether you’re a small team or a large organisation, Scribe’s features can make a significant impact on how you create and share processes. Try Scribe for free and see how it can transform the way you work.

Head to Scribe’s website to find out more. Click Here!

[1] – Source Post | LinkedIn

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