Security update required for iPhones and iPads

This week Apple have announced an important security update for iOS and iPadOS 14. This is to fix some security vulnerabilities found in their operating system.  Whereas some vulnerabilities are essentially theories that someone could exploit the vulnerability, these, apple say that these have been actively exploited. 

Ultimately this means your phone is at risk now and we are recommending that clients update their devices this week. If you are not sure how to update your iPhone, then we have a guide on our website.

As a business should I worry?

Ultimately this is a vulnerability that could put company data at risk and as businesses we have a duty of care to the data. It is an issue that has been widely reported and if there were a breach it would be hard to justify why no action was taken.

How do I manage this as a company?

We recommend that clients have a MDM solution (Mobile Device Management) to cover all mobile devices that access company information.  This is regardless of whether the device is a personal device or a business device.

MDM Solutions allow businesses to monitor mobile devices and ensure they meet the standards the company set.  For example, in this instance we will be advising our clients to update the settings to warn all their users that they need to install this update within the next 5 days or risk losing access to company data on their device.  We would then be able to see each device and contact the effected users that have not updated.

Are MDM solutions an invasion of privacy?

No – even on a personal device, MDM solutions do not tell the company about apps that you have on the device nor any of the data on the device.  It is just there to make sure the device is compliant with company policies and where requested to, it will keep company data from mixing with personal. MDM solutions make the devices more secure for users regardless of whether they are for personal use or business use.

Are MDM solutions expensive?

No – Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes Intune which is a perfectly good MDM solution for most Small Businesses.

How do I find out more information?

If you are concerned about any of this and want to find out more about how to protect your businesses then contact us on 01732 600170.

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