Pay As You Go IT Support for Open Door Digital, Crowborough

How this boutique digital marketing business has benefited from our commitment-free support.

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Crowborough, Sussex

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The client

Open Door Digital is a web design and digital marketing business serving clients across the UK.

The nature of their work means that they are heavily reliant on technology to support their business.

The challenge

As a small company with good technical abilities in-house, Open Door Digital’s support needs tend to be minimal, so a Managed IT support package isn’t an appropriate choice for them at the moment.

However, some technical issues are beyond their capabilities. One such issue occurred when one of their desktop computers’ hard drives failed. They were unable to start the device or access any of the data on it.

How we helped

Our engineer was able to extract all the data from the Hard Disk Drive (HDD), so nothing was lost.

We switched it for a new Solid State Drive (SSD) which would be more reliable than the original HDD and have greater longevity.

Once the new SSD was ready, we reinstalled Windows and restored all the original data. When the machine had been thoroughly tested, we returned it to the client.

The result

We were able to save all the client’s data and get them up and running again in just a couple of days. Plus, the new SSD has given them significant performance improvements compared to their original hard disk.

Since this experience, we have also provided a Microsoft 365 subscription to Open Door Digital, which gives them the additional reassurance of a constant cloud backup of all their data.

Sam Barker Open Door Digital
Consistently quick, friendly and expert support. You have saved me a considerable amount of time and stress over the last couple of years. Thank you!

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