Extended warranties for IT equipment

Sometimes it feels like technology is designed to break the day after the warranty runs out.

It isn’t, of course, but on the occasions when this does happen it might not just be a nuisance. It might mean significant cost and disruption for your business.

Heliocentrix extended warranties

We understand the frustration when technology lets you down. In fact, our whole purpose is to ensure this happens as little as possible.

To support this aim, we have now introduced extended warranties across a range of IT equipment.

This can save you from costly hardware replacements, and it means you will not have any difficulties or long waits getting replacement parts for your equipment.

Devices we can cover

We can provide extended warranties for the majority of IT equipment, including:

  • PCs/laptops/tablets
  • Networking equipment
  • Servers

Enquire about our extended warranties

Our warranties start from as little as £50 per year for a PC or laptop*. The price depends on the type of equipment, the make/model and its age.

We offer extended warranties as part of our Managed IT Support packages, or as a standalone service.

Call us on 01732 600 170 for a quotation.

* Pricing correct March 2021.

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