Education Support Case Study


Spadework is a charity providing life skills training and work experience for adults with learning disabilities.

The charity aim is to support the Trainees who use their service as they develop their independence and personal skills through social interaction with the community, and to ultimately provide them with the necessary skills to reach their full potential.

The Trainees are involved in all aspects of Spadework. They produce the plants that are sold in the garden centre and the fruit and vegetables served in the café and sold in the farm shop. They help to make cakes, jam and chutneys and serve customers in the café and in the farm shop.

The site spans 7 acres with its garden centre, farm shop and 50 seat café being open to the general public 7 days a week.

Heliocentrix has played a key part in supplying Spadework with software, hardware and support for the past 8 years. Security is a key concern, especially when working with those who are vulnerable and we have been able to recommend and implement changes to help protect the Staff and Trainees.

Spadework has an FTTC line installed to ensure fast internet speeds are attainable, allowing for training as well as ensuring the day to day operation of the plant nursery to runs smoothly.

We implemented their network infrastructure, giving them a cloud based WIFI system, used by both staff and visitors.  The dedicated WIFI networks have been configured to separate the staff and visitors and the network is running two servers which are used as domain controllers.

The trainees all now  have dedicated logins and file shares enabling them to complete and save their work.

We have also been involved with their online marketing and social media as well as assisting them with software solutions such as Office 365 and antivirus.

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