Our Recommended Laptop Configuration

With the ever-increasing number of makes and models of laptops, desktops, monitors and docks it can often seem overwhelming trying to work out what the best laptop setup is for you and your business. Not only do you want your configuration to provide the flexibility you need to ensure you can work in the office and on the go, but also that everything will work together seamlessly so that your working hours can be as pain free as possible, at least from an IT perspective. Our extensive knowledge and wide client base has given us the opportunity to test a variety of configurations and below we have set out our recommended laptop setup.

Recommended laptop configuration components

Laptop: HP X360

Screen: Phillips 40” UltraWide LCD Monitor

Keyboard and Mouse: Flexible to fit whichever you find most comfortable to use.

HP X360

The HP-X360 has a number of features that make it an excellent laptop for flexible working. All models have 360 degree rotation which means it can go from laptop mode into tablet mode in a matter of seconds. The 360 degree rotation also offers the ability to work in tent mode at your preferred angle which is perfect for watching videos or giving presentations.

The touch screen makes tablet mode easy to use and allows the laptop to function as a drawing pad for architects, artists or anyone wanting to get creative. The X360 in tablet mode can also be used when connected via a dock to a screen. This allows the device to make use of a secondary keyboard and mouse plugged into the dock.

There are a variety of models which provide a range of screen sizes, RAM and hard-drives to suit all needs. Additionally, the X360 has great battery life which makes this device perfect for on-the-go as well as in the office.

Philips 40” UltraWide LCD Monitor

Having tested different ultrawide monitors we believe the Phillips 40” UltraWide offers great functionality without the higher price tag of other models.

With a built-in dock you can access the display, any connected hardware such as your keyboard, mouse and headset, and charge your device all with a single cable. Not only does this reduce the number of wires trailing out the back of your laptop but means you can dock in and out in much less time.

The UltraWide display gives you roughly the same screen size as two standard separate monitors but without the frames. It also allows you flexibility in how you set up your screens allowing you to have multiple windows in a variety of configurations.

This monitor also has a built in KVM switch which allows you to control two separate PCs using the same monitor, keyboard and mouse setup on the switch of a single button. The LED display offers vivid colours and clear, crisp images which makes it excellent for all users. On the lower end of the technical spectrum the monitor also offers a useful hook for hanging your headset in an easily accessible position.

an laptop plugged into a docking monitor comprising our recommended laptop configuration

A powerful combination

When combined this configuration offers a powerful mix of performance and flexibility that means this is the recommended laptop configuration for your business. The UltraWide screen allows for complete control over your viewing preferences and simple, single cable docking while the laptop provides an additional screen when docked and the complete freedom to work from home or on-the-go when required.

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