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Bespoke apps vs off-the-shelf software

How to decide whether you should invest in made-to-measure software or use something off-the-shelf.

Digital wellbeing

Increase productivity and decrease stress – 21 ways to manage your email inbox

We explore 21 ways to manage your emails so you can get more done with less stress.


Ecards or traditional Christmas cards – which is greener?

Christmas is fast approaching. Will you be sending ecards or traditional cards this year? We look at the pros and cons of each from an environmental perspective.


Using Microsoft Teams Rooms to support hybrid meetings

How Microsoft Teams Rooms are supporting the move to hybrid meetings.


Using technology to support hybrid working

Discover how to use technology to get the most from hybrid working.


Some of our favourite out of office responses

It’s holiday season again. But what to write you your out of office response? Here’s some inspiration.


Zoom vs Teams vs Google

Whether business or personal the chances are you have used Zoom, Teams or Google over the last year, but what platform is best? Having used all three platforms to differing degrees this is what we think are the Pro's and Con's of the different platforms.


3 Tips for Business Owners at the start of 2021

2020 is now behind us and what a year it was. We saw the upgrades we had been expecting to take 5 years completed within a year. But what does that mean now? I personally think the most successful businesses this year, of any industry, are going to be the ones who make themselves as […]


4 Ways Email Signatures Can Add Value To Your Business

Have you taken time to consider that email signatures tools could add value to your business? In 2019 on average, 40 emails were sent by individuals per day for business purposes. Emails from your employees have the potential to reach a vast, targeted set of customers. As well as business contacts and potential clients. Therefore, […]


Bespoke software solutions

Bespoke software solutions – how do you know if one is right for you? Are cumbersome tasks that take you and your team too long to complete costing you money? Do they lose you hours of productivity or possibly even clients? Are you struggling to find a system that could automate these processes? If you […]


The web just turned 30. How far have we come?

It has been 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web. I attended the celebration at the Science Museum in London where Tim shared his thoughts on how he started the web, and his vision for it; and it made me think about how much the web has changed in this time. To […]


Push v. Productivity

‘A Toxic Cause of Stress’ – Push v. Productivity You are at work deeply engrossed in a piece of work that is near completion and suddenly there is a ‘ping’ and you see you have a new notification. Do you a) click on it – you can’t help it, it might be important b) ignore […]


I did not steal your car

I did NOT steal your car! I didn’t STEAL your car! I didn’t steal your CAR! The emphasis you put on different words, can directly influence the meaning. Try it. Read the statements out loud putting in the emphasis.  Now imagine you are reading it in an email… The Importance of Email Etiquette Every now and then an email exchange […]

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