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Samsung Cloud services to cease

From the 1st April in the UK, the ability to store and backup photos and documents to Samsung Cloud will cease. Read more about this change and what to do if it affects you.

Heliocentrix Cloud

A bespoke database solution for a charity fundraising company

The business challenge Our client was evolving. Its services had significantly changed and the company wanted to become more agile in its approach. However, its team was wasting many hours on manual data processing tasks and checks. In addition, the team had grown and the business had expanded to two offices. The company already had … A bespoke database solution for a charity fundraising company Read More »
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Bespoke software solutions

Bespoke software solutions – how do you know if one is right for you? Are cumbersome tasks that take you and your team too long to complete costing you money? Do they lose you hours of productivity or possibly even clients? Are you struggling to find a system that could automate these processes? If you … Bespoke software solutions Read More »
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The web just turned 30. How far have we come?

It has been 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web. I attended the celebration at the Science Museum in London where Tim shared his thoughts on how he started the web, and his vision for it; and it made me think about how much the web has changed in this time. To … The web just turned 30. How far have we come? Read More »
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Push v. Productivity

‘A Toxic Cause of Stress’ – Push v. Productivity You are at work deeply engrossed in a piece of work that is near completion and suddenly there is a ‘ping’ and you see you have a new notification. Do you a) click on it – you can’t help it, it might be important b) ignore … Push v. Productivity Read More »
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I did not steal your car

I did NOT steal your car! I didn’t STEAL your car! I didn’t steal your CAR! The emphasis you put on different words, can directly influence the meaning. Try it. Read the statements out loud putting in the emphasis.  Now imagine you are reading it in an email… The Importance of Email Etiquette Every now and then an email exchange … I did not steal your car Read More »
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Cryptocurrencies: Is it Pay Day for Cybercrime?

Dr Mike McGuire, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey, teamed up with a virtualisation tech company, Bromium, and produced ‘Into the Web of Profit’ – a research study investigating the socio-economic and spending differences among cybercriminals. The headlines read like the script of a B list Hollywood movie with 15% of cybercriminals spending … Cryptocurrencies: Is it Pay Day for Cybercrime? Read More »
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